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The Difference We Make

Indiana AEYC is the voice to influence policy and promote research-based practice to benefit young children, their families, and those who work on their behalf.

We make a difference…

…for all children in Indiana by supporting and promoting access to quality education and care.

…for all professionals, paraprofessionals, and parents working with young children in Indiana by providing access to quality professional development and training about issues affecting young children and  their families.

…by providing policy-makers and regulators of education and care for young children will have access to current research and nationally-recognized standards when creating and implementing legislation, regulation, and policies that affect young children and families.

…by providing financial support and technical assistance for early care and education professionals seeking credentials, degrees and certificates.

…by advocating for and providing research to support increased compensation and wages for early childhood professionals.

…by providing program recognition and support for nationally accredited facilities.

…by supporting the rights of a family to educate and care for their children with access to affordable, quality early childhood experiences.

I was so ashamed because my teachers told me I would never make it through math, much less college. This is a prime example of what words can do and the effect they can have and that is why I have a passion for the children in my care to succeed; the suffering gave me the passion. I was the first person in my family to go to college and it is my passion to help others do the same.  Thanks to the Indiana Association for the Education of Young Children and the continuous commitment to support quality early care and education for all children and the professionals teaching them.
8% Increase annually for the last four years.
Through the Indiana Accreditation Project, Indiana AEYC provides financial and technical support to over 900 early care and education and school age facilities across the state.

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