National Early
Childhood Program

NECPA was established in 1991 to encourage quality
and recognize excellence in early childhood programs
throughout the United States and other countries.


The National Early Childhood Program Administration Accreditation pledges to remain focused on the interests of children by promoting benchmarks for high quality standards throughout the early care and education profession. We are “The Next Generation in Accreditation”.

NECPA encourages early care programs seeking to improve or receive recognition of their high-quality care, to enroll for NECPA Accreditation. NECPA accredits all types of programs; center-based, family home, ministry or faith based, and university centers, among others. NECPA does not require a specific curriculum type to become accredited, all forms of care are welcome!

  • Accreditation promotes best practices for your children
  • Accreditation offers an objective look at all aspects of your program
  • Accreditation enhances credibility and loyalty amongst your team and parents
  • Accreditation allows parents and employers to find the finest quality fit
  • Accreditation brings local and national recognition to your program
  • Renowned for delivering researched, reliable and valid measurements of high quality standards
  • Utilizes a self-paced and user-friendly approach to achieving excellence
  • Recognized for supporting quality initiatives nationally
  • Provides dedicated and professional expertise throughout the entire process
  • Helps you develop individual and reasonable timelines for NECPA completion
  • Services packaged for success
    • Mentor Program
    • Webinars
    • Workshops
    • Online Resources

NECPA Timeline for Accreditation & Maintenance

For more information on NECPA’s Accreditation Process, click here.

NECPA Applications

If you are unhappy with the decision following your verification visit, follow this link to the Appealing Accreditation Decision Procedures document.

NECPA Annual Renewal Reports

If you need more information regarding the submission of the NECPA Annual Renewal Reports, follow this link to the Procedure for the Submission of Annual Renewal Reports.

NECPA Accreditation Extension Request

Miss a deadline and you need an extension? Follow this link to the NECPA Accreditation Extension procedures.

Change of Location

NECPA Accredited programs that undergo a change of location must alert the NECPA office to receive a 6 month change of location extension. The 6-month extension begins on the date of program change in location. Follow this link to the Change of Location form that you MUST submit to NECPA. There are fees associated with maintaining accreditation after a location change for which the Indiana Accreditation project will not assume responsibility. Click here to review Change of Program Location Fees.

Change in Ownership

NECPA Accredited programs that undergo a change of ownership must alert the NECPA office to receive a 6 month change of ownership extension. The 6-month extension begins on the date of program ownership change. Please complete the Change of Ownership form and send to NECPA.

NECPA Self-Report

The purpose NECPA self-report policy is to communicate to the NECPA Commission any licensing violations and/or major changes which may affect the Accreditation status of a program or its ability to comply with NECPA standards. An accredited program retains a duty to declare certain information within designated timeframes and prior to annual reporting. Failure to submit timely and accurate notification on the NECPA Program Self Report Form may result in immediate revocation of accreditation status. The timeline for processing Self-Reports is as follows:

  • Programs shall report any notice of suspension, probation, provisional, or revocation in licensing status, or a change in license number within 72 hours of its occurrence.
  • Programs shall report any of the following within 30 days of occurrence: Change in Program Contact Information; Change in Director and/or Administrator; Change in Program Name; Modification and/or Expansion of Current Building(s) or Grounds; Significant Damage to the Building or Outdoor Areas; Addition or Reduction of an Age Group; Change in Hours of Operation; Legal Action and/or Criminal Activity; or Non-Compliance with NECPA Standard(s).

NECPA Standards

The standards for NECPA Accreditation are broken down into thirteen (13) areas:

  1. Qualifications and Development – includes education and training – click here for the Education and Training Requirements
  2. Activities for Healthy Development – includes supervision and behavior management
  3. Health Protection and Promotion – includes hand washing, medications, illness and injury management, etc.
  4. Building, supplies, Equipment, and Transportation (if provided) – includes toxic substances policies, diaper changing areas, etc.
  5. Teacher/Child Interactions
  6. Infants and Toddlers
  7. Curriculum
  8. Developmental Program
  9. Staff-Parent-Community Partnerships
  10. Physical Environment
  11. Health and Safety – includes evacuation drills, emergency plans, etc.
  12. Program Evaluation
  13. Program Administrator and Staff Relations

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NECPA Accreditation  Process

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