The Indiana Early Childhood Education Awards recognize
the best in our profession and are presented at the
Indiana Early Childhood Conference each year.


The Indiana Early Childhood Education Awards recognize the best in our profession. Awards are presented at the Indiana Early Childhood Conference to those who provide education, early intervention services, and resources to all young children. The award is also presented to those who serve and act on behalf of all young children and their families to assure their rights and well-being. Awards are presented annually in the following categories:

Hoosier Educator Award (Preschool and Early Elementary)

Awarded to an educator whose exemplary practices embody the practical application of Indiana AEYC standards and who shares those methods with others through workshops, publications, or other means.

Hoosier Educator Award (University or Higher Education)

Goes to an educator who has demonstrated the exemplary development of learning experiences, materials or curricula for instructing preservice or inservice teachers of young children.

Legislative Award

Goes to an individual or individuals whose efforts have improved the quality of life for children by promoting legislation that supports or protects children; OR whose efforts have improved the communication between the political and early childhood sectors for addressing issues related to health, education, and welfare.

Industry/Corporate Award

Goes to an organization that demonstrates a recognition of the importance of supporting employees’ needs to have quality services for children; OR which provides a resource for obtaining or securing services.

Sylvia Reichel Scholarship Award

Goes to an Indiana AEYC chapter in Indiana that has shown growth in membership, returning chapter forms to the state in a timely manner, and has demonstrated the mission of Indiana AEYC throughout their community.

Indiana AEYC Hoosier Early Childhood Leader Award

This award is presented to an exemplary early childhood leader who understands and demonstrates the

organization’s mission and purpose in compelling and influential ways. This leader answers the CALL in the

following areas:





Commitment. This individual wholly commits to the Indiana AEYC mission statement: “…to promote and support quality care and education for all young children through age eight, in Indiana”. In doing this, the individual:

  • Implements deep and lasting change in the field in a positive manner
  • Raises the profession through engaging with and influencing research, policy and practice.

Advocacy. This individual embraces their prominent role as a “…voice to promote research-based practices for the benefit of young children, their families, and those who work on their behalf”. As such, the individual:

  • Expresses and promotes the mission of the organization within a wide arena of stakeholders and settings
  • Inspires members to explore and seize upon meaningful opportunities related to the organization’s purpose
  • Works to influence others in social, economic and political contexts

Learning. This individual use knowledge gained through their life’s work on behalf of young children to continuously improve outcomes for the organization. This individual:

  • Serves as a model in reflective practices to better the group as a whole
  • Seeks creative ways to improve the organization in its current state
  • Gathers new knowledge to provide a clear and purposeful direction for the future

Leadership. This individual guides others in their sphere of influence and creates a compelling view of the future, which electrifies and engages others in the profession. To lead, the individual:

  • Recognizes strengths in others and fosters growth in the organization through collaboration
  • Creates an environment that fosters respect for all members
  • Coaches and helps build teams to fully develop the organization’s vision

Only nominations submitted by current INAEYC Members will be honored. The 2024 nominations deadline was February 2, 2024.

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