It is vital to have advocates from community leaders, early childhood professionals, and parents connecting with these legislators. They are the voice for programs and services that have the most impact on young children and families in their communities.

Advocacy can be very powerful!

You already have a passion for children and young families. If you build your public policy knowledge, your voice could be powerful too!

Be a part of Indiana AEYC’s strong advocacy for children and families in your community and your profession. Join NAEYC today to ensure you stay up to date on the local and national legislation and learn how you can make a difference.

Make A Difference

Advocacy is one way you can make a difference in the lives of young children and the community.

  • Stay up to date on national legislative alerts involving early childhood.
  • Find your local legislator
  • Take time to connect with your local legislator when they are not in session.
    • Schedule a visit
    • Write them a letter
    • Give them a call
  • Follow up on requests
    • Thank you notes when appropriate
    • Inform them of the results of their actions
    • VOTE! Voting for elected officials who view children and families as a priority is one of the best ways to move children’s agendas forward.

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