Promoting and supporting high-quality early learning
for each and every child, birth through age eight, in Indiana
at the local, state and national levels.


Central Region

President: Diana Gardenhire board@inaeyc.org

President-Elect: Stephanie Ries 

Vice President: Trisha Thompson 

Secretary: Kelly Dawn Jones

Treasurer: Emily Jarboe

East Central Region

President/President-Elect: Danielle Svantner board@inaeyc.org

Vice President: Missy Modesitt

Secretary: Emily Lynn

Treasurer: Tanya Walden

Evansville Region

President/President-Elect:Christy Gretencord board@inaeyc.org

Vice President: Elizabeth Crockett

Secretary: Deiona Clayton

Treasurer: Heather Coudret

North Central Region

President: Jessica Pierce board@inaeyc.org

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Elizabeth Schlesinger-Devlin

North Eastern Region

President: Sarina Arens board@inaeyc.org

Vice President/President-Elect: Cynthia Kumfer

Secretary: Teresa Hogg

Treasurer: Brad Hand

North Western Region

President: Beckey Thompson board@inaeyc.org

Past President: Patricia Kelly 

Vice President/President-Elect: Martha Rae 

Secretary: Shannon Wood 

Treasurer: Patricia Joyner 

Northern Region

President: Lori Secor board@inaeyc.org

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Aleyna Mitchell

Treasurer: Stephanie Wojtkowski

South Central Region

President/President-Elect: Stacy Jones board@inaeyc.org

Vice President: Jenny Dittfach 

Secretary: Jenny Gleason 

Treasurer: Marcella Ettinger 

South Eastern Region

President: Della Miller Micco board@inaeyc.org

Past President: Dawn Justice

Vice President: Jolena Moye

Secretary: Collette Bronkella

Treasurer: Karla Lorey

West Central Region

All positions vacant

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